Trinity Enterprise Edition LiveCD Images
Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick [CURRENT]
Intel x86 [FINAL]: ISO image [1.8GB] [Mirror 1]MD5 checksum: d66f533d1e7de9dca661d518d08e3cd5
AMD 64 [FINAL]: ISO image [1.9GB] [Mirror 1]MD5 checksum: 821c45bbc12287e6eb15add6406052ef
Trinity needs your support!
While Trinity is free software, making it is not free.
Developing and maintaining Trinity takes an enormous amount of effort, and relies heavily on both a fast Internet connection and large, power-hungry computers.

If you can, please help to both continue my Trinity development work and pay for the various resources in use by donating here:

Every little bit helps and is much appreciated, even if you can only donate $0.50!

  What is a binary patch?

Binary patches allow you to update your existing ~700MB download to the latest version after only downloading around 50MB of new information.

The binary patch can be installed using a Linux computer with the following command:
bspatch oldfile.iso newfile.iso patchfile.bpatch

If you are using (K)ubuntu, you will need to have the bsdiff package installed for the above command to work.


Additional Resources
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