KDE3/Trinity Maverick LiveCD Images
Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick [CURRENT]
Intel x86 [FINAL]: ISO image [668.0MB] [Mirror 1]MD5 checksum: d6c77215fb264f790f15959c4fa69b5c
AMD 64 [FINAL]: ISO image [692.6MB] [Mirror 1]MD5 checksum: adddd845f503755d681dbc175a2b5fa9
Old images (Intrepid, Jaunty, etc.)
Trinity needs your support!
While Trinity is free software, making it is not free.
Developing and maintaining Trinity takes an enormous amount of effort, and relies heavily on both a fast Internet connection and large, power-hungry computers.

If you can, please help to both continue my Trinity development work and pay for the various resources in use by donating here:

Every little bit helps and is much appreciated, even if you can only donate $0.50!

  What is a binary patch?

Binary patches allow you to update your existing ~700MB download to the latest version after only downloading around 50MB of new information.

The binary patch can be installed using a Linux computer with the following command:
bspatch oldfile.iso newfile.iso patchfile.bpatch

If you are using (K)ubuntu, you will need to have the bsdiff package installed for the above command to work.


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